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Decision Making and End of Life Care

Dr Hannah I. Lipman, Bioethicist, Geriatrician and Cardiologist; Einstein/Montefiore addressed the challenges of Decision Making and End of Life care. She is Associate Director of the Center for Bioethics, Chief – Bioethics Consult Service and Assistant Professor of Medicine in both divisions of Geriatrics and Cardiology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center.

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Decision Making and End of Life Care

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Decision Making and End of Life Care

Suggested Reading:

Assessment of patients’ competence to consent to treatment — Appelbaum PS.

Clinical Practice — Palliative Care by Morrison RS, Meier DE.

Communication and decision-making about prognosis in heart failure care — Goodlin SJ, Quill TE, Arnold RM.

Do-not-resuscitate order after 25 years — Jeffrey P. Burns, MD, MPH; Jeffrey Edwards, MA; Judith Johnson, JD; Ned H. Cassem, MD; Robert D. Truog, MD

Palliative care in the treatment of advanced heart failure — Adler ED, Goldfinger JZ, Kalman J, Park ME, Meier DE.

HRS Expert Consensus Statement on the Management of CIEDs in patients nearing end of life or requesting withdrawal of therapy

Learning Objectives:

• List the elements of informed consent and decision-making capacity.
• Identify types of advance directives and understand the role of patients’ values, preferences, and goals in decision making.
• Understand issues around DNR orders in different care settings.
• Recognize that palliative care and hospice benefit patients and families by addressing multiple dimensions of suffering.
• Identify key components of care for imminently dying patients and their families.