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Prevention and Risk Factors for CVD in the Older Adult

In, “Prevention in the Older Adult: Good Clinical Care or Oxymoron?“, Dr Dan Forman, argued that we must do more to meet the challenges of care for older adults and that there are definite gains to be had in outcomes via prevention – at virtually any age…

Chair of the ACC’s Council for the Care of Older Adults and professor of medicine at Brigham Womens/Harvard Medical School, Dr Forman presented on Risk Factors and Prevention in Older Adults with Cardiovascular disease.

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Prevention in the Older Adult: Good Clinical Care or OXYMORON?

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Learning Objectives:
• Understand the relevance of exercise capacity and the value of exercise training on optimizing health and function.
• Recognize the importance of preventive CV care for older adults.
• Understand the relationship between risk factors and CVD across the human lifespan.
• To demonstrate the need for an improved strategy for exercise mode and intensity. To clarify need for improved exercise training endpoints. To clarify need for improved risk prediction among older adults.