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CAD and Acute MI in Older Adults

Dr Karen Alexander led the GNYGCC seminar to discuss Acute MI and CAD in older adults.  Dr Alexander is associate professor of medicine in cardiology at Duke University and co-authored the AHA statement on care of acute MI in the elderly.

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Acute MI in Older Adults:Slides

Suggested Reading:

AHA Guidelines Acute MI Part 1
AHA Guidelines Acute MI Part 2
Cardiac Care for Older Adults: Time for a New Paradigm

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize presentation of myocardial ischemia in older adults.
  • Understand safe and effective therapies for ACS in older adults.
  • Assess the likely health outcomes among older adults with ACS
  • Appreciate the role of discharge planning in optimizing medication safety and return to independent functioning.
  • Enumerate unmet needs in the area that are ripe for multi-center collaboration.