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Chronic Coronary Disease in Older Adults – You CAN treat angina!

Dr Joseph Tenenbaum, discussed the diagnosis and care of stable Angina in older adults.

Chronic Coronary Disease in Older Adults – You CAN treat angina!

Dr Tenenbaum is Chief of Medicine Service at Allen Hospital/NYP and Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.




See the slide set below (in two parts).

Geriatric Cardiology – You CAN treat Angina! Part 1

Geriatric Cardiology – You CAN treat Angina! Part 2

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Learning Objectives:

–Recognize differences in epidemiology and disease presentation of chronic coronary disease in older adults compared to younger adults.

–Consider issues related to medical management and safe revascularization of chronic CAD in older adults with a focus on:

* Management of multiple comorbidities.
* Role of collaborative care models.
* Risk of polypharmacy and management strategies
* Use of drug eluting versus bare metal stents for revascularization
* Efficacy of standard and emerging therapies for managing angina
* Process of informed consent specific to older adults with CAD
* Risk stratification of older adults with CAD.

–Enumerate at least three unmet needs in the area that are ripe for multicenter collaboration.