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Aging & Pharmacology

Dr Janice Schwartz is professor of clinical medicine in bioengineering and therapeutic sciences at UCSF, and also the director of research at Jewish Home in San Francisco.  

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Aging and Pharmacology at this link.

Please refer to a corrected slide #12 to address an error in the original presentation of the Cockcroft & Gault formula.

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Suggested Reading:
The Current State of Knowledge on Age, Sex, and Their Interactions on Clinical Pharmacology

Learning Objectives:

1. Describe age-related declines in body size, composition, renal elimination, and enzymatic metabolism and how these changes affect medication dosing
2. Recognize the risks of therapy involving multiple medications (polypharmacy)
3. Conceptualize a framework for minimizing polypharmacy
4. Identify unmet needs and knowledge gaps in our medication-based therapies for cardiac conditions of older people