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Cardiovascular Syndromes in Older Adults

Dr. Mat Maurer, GNYGCC Founder, experienced researcher, clinician and educator explained the value of delineating the work of both Geriatrics and Cardiology in terms of syndromes, rather than disease.  He further elucidated the significant impact of syndromes on outcomes and the greater predictive value of these in respect to clinical markers.

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Cardiovascular Syndromes in the Older Adult



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Cardiovascular Syndromes in Older Adults’

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Combined Impact of Geriatric Syndromes and Cardiometabolic disesase on Measures of Functional Impairment

Seminar Objectives:

Upon completion of this module, the reader will be able to:

  1. Enumerate criteria for defining “geriatric syndromes”
  2. Understand the added value added in moving away from a “disease based model” to a more complex paradigm involving syndromes.
  3. Delineate common “geriatric cardiovascular syndromes”.
  4. Identify shared risk factors among “geriatric syndromes”
  5. Highlight the prevalence of “geriatric syndromes” in older adults with cardiovascular disease and their independent association with outcomes.
  6. List obstacles to geriatric assessment not being part of routine clinical care for older adults with cardiovascular disease.